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Each of these 100ml bottles require 2 shots for a 3mg, or 4 shots for a 6mg.

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Enovap is more than an Electronic Cigarette. Enovap is a personal and intelligent vaporizer. This E-cig which is fabricated in France and in collaboration with Tabacologists, allows you to adapt to high rates of nicotine that you need and when you need it. 

The Enovap Vaporizer can also increase or decrease the rate ot nicotine of your e liquid. Enovap has a connection object which registers your usual methods of vape or even suggests the rate of nicotine depending on the time of day via the mobile application.

The Enovap Electronic Cigarette functions with the 18650 battery and has an output power of 55 Watts max. It allows you to vape in direct aswell as indirect in function of the pod you decide to use. 

The Enovap functions with the 2 pods which you can fill e liquid of your choice. It is with these two pods in 2ml each can be modified with the rate of nicotine. It is equally possible to mix the 2 flavours depending on your preference. For example: Classic flavour with a Mint flavour. Or even 2 different fruity flavours. The Enovap Vaporizer is delivered with 2 pods which are already installed. 

It's time to get jelly cubed! Tangy blueberries in a deliciously sweet jelly, taking you back to those childhood birthday parties!


was £110 now £80

*does not include nicotine shots and only valid for liquids on this page

pack of 2 pods £12

Discover the Smoant PASITO Pod System, integrating an advanced ANT chipset with 1100mAh battery, Five-Level Output Adjustment, 3mL eJuice capacity, and a pioneer of the first REBUILDABLE coil for pod devices. The RBA is sold separately.

From the depths of outer space, on a collision course with earth is Asteroid Apple, a super sour blend of red and green apples.

Lunation Lime has

travelled lightyears through space and time, at 2.73 kelvin this has transformed this simple lime into a super sour space fruit.

Quite possibly our favourite out of the entire range. A lot of raspberry flavour e-liquids are naturally quite sweet which just goes hand in hand with the sweet jam flavouring used in this juice.

CANDY CHAOS!! Sweet mixture of candy flavours that will excite your taste buds!

A soft whipped ice cream swirled with raspberry sauce. Not forgetting that chewy bubblegum at the bottom. The minute you open the bottle you will be saying screw-it because it’s all gone.

 this flavour boasts an incredibly smooth orange sorbet surrounding and creamy vanilla bean ice cream.

Twisted Tiki 60ml £5 INCLUDING Nic

grape fuji:

Giant grapes smashed with ripe apples

mad melons:

Jungle melons, smashed with sweet honeydew

orange inferno:

Organic Orange exploding with Tropical Papaya



Sharp strawberry rounded off with sweet pear

Baked Dunked e-liquid by Juice Sauz is a delightful sponge cake with a cream filling guaranteed to get you totally baked.