Hello all!

Tom here, 

As the Geek Bars are popping up everywhere now I thought it would be a good time to do a little comparison between the two devices...

Both of these devices are on sale in your local VB so why not pop in and take a look!

The Geek Vape Geek Bars are disposable e-cigarettes that are ready to go direct out of the pack, perfect for those nights out drinking and now festival season has started. You get 2ml of liquid, a battery and device rolled into one! Sounds great right?

However, as these devices are £6 each or 4 for £20, they can get majorly expensive when using them as a long term smoking cessation tool. For your £20, you get 8ml of liquid and enough plastic and batteries to kill a couple of turtles...

plus as a device that can't be opened, it cannot be recycled.


People will use them and love them as they already are, however, as part of this post I wanted to show people that there is another solution that's better on your pocket, the environment and a device that is just as simple to use as any disposable Vape on the market!


This bring me to the KOKO Prime kit. This little kit has no buttons, and holds 2ml of your favourite e-liquid flavour! The draw is just as tight as a Geek-Bar; and a cigarette for that matter... plus, once you have your device all you need to buy is liquid and a few coils. At £27 for the device and £12 for 30ml of liquid it's a much better alternative as a long term smoking cessation tool.


As for the environment, all your e-liquid bottles are recyclable; and 1 of your bottles holds 5x the amount of liquid of 1 geek bar.

Just to show you how much money you could save look below!

(For 30ml of liquid in Geek Bars that will be 15 geek bars), 15 Geek Bars = £78

For the KOKO Prime kit + 30ml of eliquid it would set you back £39!


Half the price!


Plus once you have the device, for 30ml more liquid and a pack of 4 coils it would set you back £26.50, saving you £51.50 every time you Vape 30ml, which can be done easily every 2 weeks!

This saving over a year would be £1339*

*if you buy liquid once every 2 weeks.

Plus saving 390 non recyclable devices a year being thrown into landfill....  Win!

To be clear, we absolutely do not dislike these devices and of course we wouldn’t sell them if we did! I truly think there is a market place for these including events, nights out and festivals etc, so you can Vape to your hearts content and not worry about losing your device or damaging it; or maybe you're unsure if vaping will be for you... these are a perfect low risk opportunity to try it out.


 I personally took one away with me last time I went on a small break to ensure that I didn’t have to carry all my vaping equipment with me when I went out for a drink, but as I am seeing more and more people use these devices everyday it hurts my head to think of the money that will be burned by people using these as a long term smoking cessation tool.


After working here for 6 years and seeing the amount of people we help quit smoking every day and the amount of stories I hear from people saying they have been able to afford a new kitchen or a new car because they gave up smoking and began vaping, I just wanted to put a post out to try and help/inform more people to save a bit of money in the long term!

If anyone wants anymore info on either of these devices, you can pop into your local VB anytime and we can show you both of the kits and assist you in finding the right one for you!

Thanks for reading,