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To understand what cannabinoids are, and why they matter, we first need to discuss CBD’s relationship with cannabis. Cannabis is actually the term for a whole family of plants, which are usually split into two distinct categories: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. These terms are in turn used as overarching titles for different strains.

Traditionally sativa refers to the tall European plants, and indica to the bushier, shrub-like Indian varieties. For our purposes there are two terms that have far more practical use:

  • Hemp refers to strains of cannabis grown for industrial use. These applications include biofuel, rope, paper and CBD.

  • Marijuana refers to plants grown for recreational use i.e. getting high. This is why marijuana is often used to refer to cannabis as a drug.


We already know that there are lots of different cannabinoids you can find in the cannabis family, but there are two key ones that help distinguish between hemp and marijuana. The first, and most famous, is THC. This is the compound that induces most of the effects typically associated with smoking cannabis, and is found in high amounts in marijuana.

The second most prevalent cannabinoid is CBD. Research has continuously shown that CBD will not get you high, and is provenly safe for human use. CBD is typically found in high percentages in hemp, whilst there will be very little THC. All of our CBD oils and CBD topicals contain absolutely no THC.

We've found that our most satisfied users are all using at least 70mg a day. That's why we recommend that first-time users begin with a 1200ml oil, such as our CBD Oral Spray. By starting at a high dose like this, you can more easily figure out how CBD works best for you.

After a week of using 70mg a day, you have two potential paths: if you're satisfied, try decreasing by 20mg a day, and if you're dissatisfied, increase by 20mg a day. By using your CBD consistently, and gradually experimenting with your dosage, you're at least 76% more likely to have a satisfying CBD experience.

Is CBD safe?

It also bears repeating that CBD has been shown to be demonstrably safe, even at very high dosages. In a comprehensive report, the World Health Organization made a definitive statement on CBD:

"The evidence from well controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not associated with abuse potential"

Each of our CBD oils comes with a recommended dosage clearly outlined on the box. We suggest you match this dose, but it’s worth noting there will be no potential for harm even at much higher dosages. You can safely adjust your dosage beyond our recommendations on the box - everyone has a different optimal CBD point.